Noncustodial algo orders on Polygon and Avalanche + a load of other improvements

+ a Summary of the Magical Things the Dexible Team Has Been Whipping Up

(seen from left to right: Damon Brown, Michael Coon, Mike Powers, and Mitchell Opatowsky)
  • Dexible admin dashboard capabilities
  • Order execution improvements
  • Company vision

For people who’ve bought their first ETH/BTC from Coinbase or anyone who wants to utilize their assets

From Cointelegraph, which consistently produces amazing art. (Source: “The Importance of Supporting a Robust Developer Ecosystem”, 2019.11.12, then edited by me)


You’ve just completed the first step: open this article. You’re trying to…

Failed transactions in Uniswap and what to do about them

Nothing feels grimier than watching market prices tumble around you even as you’re trying to sell at the top and cash in.

The Smart Execution Layer for DeFi

Once reserved for teams with 10 full-time engineers is now at your fingertips. Make sure you use it! (Part 2/2)

An ode to DeFi’s UX and what’s still missing (part 1/2)

Doubling down on development, tripling up on community!

Today, the team behind BUIDLHub, a Zapier-like platform for blockchain that does everything from automating on-chain actions to off-chain queries to web2.0 app integrations, is announcing a series of technical product launches. Rewards and goodies are in store for early testers.

BUIDLHub’s Team Focus

We’re maintaining BUIDLHub as an automation platform and we’re shifting focus to DeFi automations…

Mitchell Opatowsky

Co-founder @DexibleApp

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